The Final UOSM2008 Blog

Before this module, I considered myself a keen social networker, having profiles on many platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. However, since completing the module, I have come to realise that not only did I lack significant skills in making my profiles authentic and interesting, but more importantly I learnt that I was not managing my online identity well enough and in a professional way. These are the two main things that I have developed and improved on as a result of this module.

I never realised how important creating your own material would be. This includes the text, audio, images and videos and by creating these, instead of just referencing other peoples work, makes your work so much more authentic and exciting, since it will be different to whatever your engagers may have read before. Early on in this module, I received comments prompting me to try and use my own visuals. At first, this worried me, as it was something that I had never done before and had no idea how to do. While i am confident using computers, I did not have the skills to do this. However, around half way through the module, someone mentioned the site “” and without this, my blogs may not have improved. It is a great site which makes creating your own visual content so much easier. I created pictures, tables and info graphs here to make my blog posts more eye-catching and in comments I received after doing this I received positive feedback about how people enjoyed and found the visuals I made helpful and beneficial to learning process.

Security and privacy was something that I definitely considered when setting up my profiles on these social sites. I chose carefully which ones I keep private and which ones I keep public. However, this module has alerted me to the fact that your online footprint may follow you around forever and that even though the account I set up to use in my leisure time may include content that professionals can easily find and would think inappropriate. Therefore, I am now much more aware of what I post online, especially on my non private accounts.Advantages of the Module

The topics discussed every week were extremely eye opening and taught me a lot about the web. They were particularly interesting as they were relevant to my own use of the web  and therefore this made engaging with readers through comments easier as I was able to communicate my own opinions and experiences related to the topics.

Below shows the key points I learned from each of the topics.


As a result of this process, I have decided to set up a new blog, about fashion which I am currently in the middle of designing. I plan to use these new skills I have learnt to make the blog as eye-catching and professional as possible. I would like to hopefully go in to the fashion industry and therefore I think a blog is a great way to show my individuality.


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