Topic 5 Reflection

Final topic post last Sunday, now for my final reflection post and this weeks topic was just as interesting and eyeopening as the rest. It was all about open access and the pros and cons of it. I thought it was funny how much this topic related to me at this time. Since it is coming to the end of the semester, its means assignments and exams are pretty much the only things on my mind ad one of the struggles of these assignments is that often I can not get access to relevant literature that may help me with these assignments or make them better. This is due to restrictions that some journals and other documents have. However, from reading other peoples posts this week, I have learnt i am not alone in this struggle. For my last blog post, I really wanted to use this opportunity to to use another way of creating interesting visuals. Therefore, this week, i used a website called to create a graphic to displays the pros and cons of sharing work on the internet and the pros and cons of restricting access to your work. I really liked using this website as it was simple to use but gave me lots of tools to make my graphic look exactly how i wanted it to. In the blog itself, i wish id gone into more detail on open access, as reading other peoples blogs from this week, i learnt a lot more interesting facts that i did not pick up in my own research. For example in Patricia’s blog i learnt that 40% of scientists had concerns about the quality of open access publications, and this figure dropped to 27% a year later. I thought that this was a really interesting statistic and so I opened up discussion on this by commenting. However, in my post i did research about IP and Creative Commons and so I feel like even though i could have learnt more about open access, learning about these other ways of sharing data was actually really valuable.

word count: 349


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