Topic 4 Reflection

For topic 4 i really tried to develop my skills and make my post more authentic by creating my own images and diagrams. To do this I used, which i really enjoyed using because it was quite easy to use after a bit a practice but still created really eye-catching media. It was mentioned in some of my comments people mentioned that they really liked my graphics and that they helped summarise my points well so this is something i will continue to incorporate into my blog posts in the final weeks. Andrei brought up how the use of pinterest which i mentioned in my blog could also be helpful for teachers. This triggered me to consider the ethical arguments of using social media in education from a teachers perspective as i had not done this in my blog. Instead i focussed on purely from a students perspective. I think that social media is a great tool for teachers but i do think it can lead to issues where teachers just take other teachers teaching content and not adapt it or use it as their own which is morally wrong. In addition to this, teachers can also become the subject of bullying on forms of social media and so by encouraging the use of it this can only increase the chances of this happening. From reading Ausaf’s blog i was shocked to learn that 1/5th of cyberbullying is actually aimed at teachers. This weeks topic has really alerted me to the dangers of social media that were so easy to miss but so important to be aware of. I personally feel that more should be done to make students of all ages more aware.


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