Topic 3 Reflection

I really enjoyed this weeks topic on how to create an authentic professional online profile as it highlighted to me the importance and impact it can have on your job. This week, I tried to developed my skills by creating some better visuals of my blog. I created a table to display pros and cons of social media in the work place and then also included a video link, which readers enjoyed and felt they benefited from. Therefor i will continue to create these type of tables in my future blogs.  However, next week i would like to develop this further by maybe creating a visual on pikto chart like Charley did or even a powtoon. Faazila suggested that i would benefit from implementing infographs into my posts. Another idea, I got from reading Scott’s blog was to create a small visual where last weeks previous topics are recapped. For me this was really useful when reading his blog because i was then able to recall quickly what i learnt from previous weeks and apply that knowledge to understanding this weeks. An interesting point Scott made in his post was how the idea of “‘authentic’ professional identities somewhat can be problematic as the nature of a professional identity involves editing and ‘selling’ yourself.” From my point of view I think it does make your profile authentic still as it is your authentic professional self. As long as you do not lie your profile is authentic. However in a discussion with Scott, it was interesting to find out that he felt it was to some extent inauthentic to hide some of our characteristics but agreed that they has to be a divide between our professional and private lives. In conclusion, this topic has encouraged me to be more careful with what i share online, and also to consider setting up separate profiles for professional use and private use.


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